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Our qualified technicians and Plumbers will trace the leak with comprehensive leak detection training and Repair it so that you never have to deal with the Leak again. Consider giving us a call today.

Leak Repair

Water leaks that remain undetected for long periods of time can cause significant harm. When your house ages, pinholes or cracks in the water supply lines will grow in your plumbing system. Just a tiny crack in a line of water will cause you to lose more than 100 gallons of water in a single day. 

Water leak can cause water bill to increase, damage flooring and even sheetrock and walls. Leaks of water can sound like a normal occurrence. A leak in a plumbing line under the slab or other secret places may often go unnoticed until it has done serious damage that will cause you a lot of money later. Reliable Utica Plumber offers professional plumbing services to find water leaks.

Our qualified technicians know how to locate an underground water leak with comprehensive leak detection training and education. We’re experts in preventing underground leaks, in walls, and elsewhere.



Signs You have a Leak in Your House (and should consider giving us a call)

1. INCREASE IN YOUR WATER BILL:  Did your water bills go up suddenly? If it does, you may have a leak in your home somewhere. To ensure the increase isn’t due to a seasonal adjustment, compare your current water bills with those from last year’s same month.

2. WATER METER CONTINUOUSLY TICKING:  Is your water meter running constantly, even though you don’t use water inside or outside your home? It is just another red flag you may have a leak.

3. MOLD & MILDEW:  Leaks sometimes create damp spots on floors, walls and/or ceilings. These humid spots can cause mold and the musty odors that come with it. If you find that you have a musty smell around your house, no matter how much you clean your house, you can have a pipe that leaks out.

4. FOUNDATION CRACKS:  As your home settles over time, cracks will begin to unfold in different places. However, if you start noticing the foundation cracks grow unexpectedly, you might have a leak. Water that flows continuously out of your pipes will weaken the structural components of a building, which can cause cracks in the base, walls, and other areas.

5. WET SPOTS:  Visual inspection of the area near to sinks, tubs and toilets. Witness damp spots? Or is the floor around certain features of plumbing discolored? If so, take it as a sign of warning you might have a leaking pipe.


If You Notice a Water Leak in your house, call us now and we will send one of our professional plumbers to come fix it. 

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